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    Service Matters
    Tax Matters
    Land Matters
    Tenders/Bidding Matters
    Company Matters

    Criminal Law

    Crime is an act which is committed against individual, state and property. An act cannot be crime unless done with mens rea and actus reus that mean for the purpose of executing a crime there must be criminal intention and physical conduct.

    Whenever an individual committed a crime then it is not against the individual only rather it is committed against the society, the whole society shaken with the turmoil of crime for instance in case of theft in your society the whole society gets alert. So, in criminal law the state is the prosecuting agency to contest the case as it is the duty incumbent upon the state to take care of the society for instance state of Punjab versus name of accused.

    We deal mostly in
    – Anticipatory Bail
    – Cheating cases
    – Forgery and Fraud cases
    – Central bureau of Investigation (CBI CASES)
    – Company related Criminal cases
    – Regular Bail
    – Criminal revision
    – Criminal writs
    – Criminal breach of trust
    – Protection of life and liberty of NRI
    – Dishonor of Cheques ( Section 138 Negotiable Instrument Act )

    Matrimonial disputes, Divorce matter, Child Custody

    Matrimonial dispute arises only when there is mutual incompatibility in the relationship. It includes generally

    – Divorce matter,
    – Domestic violence cases,
    – Dowry cases,
    – Cruelty under section 498A Indian Penal Code,
    – Child custody matter,
    – Habeas corpus writ,
    – Appeal in High Court,
    – Criminal Revision,
    – Judicial Separation,

    These days divorce is considered to be stigma but its not stigma it is common the most common loophole is individual hesitate while talking about personal matter but I.J.L understand you very well and listen you patiently and try to resolve the matter in a best possible manner

    The practicing area of I.J.L is basically in
    – Supreme court of India
    – Punjab and Haryana High Court
    – District court of Chandigarh, Panchkula, Mohali and Derabassi

    Finance and banking law

    A bank is a financial institution that accepts deposit from the public and creates a demand while simultaneously making a loan. Bank plays an important role in financial stability and economy of the country.

    I.J.L team has a vast experience and command on firstly, the Recovery of Debt and Bankruptcy act 1993 which provides expeditious and speedy redressal to lenders and borrowers through filing of original application i.e. OA in debt recovery tribunal and appeal in debt recovery appellate tribunal Secondly, the Securitization and Reconstruction of Financial Asset and Enforcement of Security Interest Act, 2002 (SAFAESI) which provides directly access to banks and financial institution for recovery of secured debt from borrower without the intervention of court at the first stage. The Securitization appeal (SA) filed by the person who is aggrieved by the action of creditors.

    Consumer cases

    A consumer is the one who purchases products or services for his personal use not for resale and commercial purpose but as per consumer protection act, 1986 but the person who hired the services of commercial purpose come under the ambit of consumer.


    Legal professionals in Chandigarh are known to offer a wide array of services. A lot of NRIs are dealing with litigation in Punjab and Haryana High Court. I.J.L team are well-read and do have a good grasp over the law and the innumerable sections it entails.